Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Buddhist Cultural Tour


Due to the many requests we received to arrange a special package for the Buddhist pilgrims who wants to visit Sri Lanka to see the many locations that are important to the Buddhist world, we have designed a 7days/6 nights Buddhist Cultural Tour (which can be extended on request).

Initially this package was available only to Japanese clients on our website, but now we have decided to promote this package worldwide via this blog with the same amount of service at a reduced special discounted rate.


This is the official blog operation of the company “Visit Serendib” (PVT) Ltd, a registered tour management company in Sri Lanka.

* The company provides experienced chauffeurs with official Government tour guide License.
* All Accommodations except in the case of camping and special meditation programs that are held in our meditation center will be at 3 Star Hotels. (More information if requested).
* Only 25% of the payment has to be made before arriving and the balance during the tour, or 100% of the cost can be paid directly once arriving at the airport.
*Special discount rates for groups over 5 members.
* The touring party will be given free mobile phones and connections to keep in touch with local services as well the Tour Company till the tour is completed.
* Tour extensions possible at discounted rates.
* Special assistance for educational or research groups.

Chief Excursion officer assigned to the Buddhist Cultural Tours.

History of Buddhism in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is the oldest continually Buddhist country in the world, Buddhism being the major religion in the island since its introduction was first introduced into Sri Lanka in the 2nd century BC by Venerable Mahinda the son of the Emperor Asoka during the reign of Sri Lanka's King Devanampiya Tissa. During this time, a sampling of the Boghi Tree was brought to Sri Lanka and the first monasteries were established under the sponsorship of the Sri Lankan king.

Buddha’s Visits to Sri Lanka

First Visit
The Buddha’s first visit was in the ninth month after Buddhahood (1 B.E. or 528 B.C.) That was to Mahiyangana where the Yaksa clan of the entire island was meeting in the Mahanaga garden. On this visit, the Buddha not only won the Yaksas/Raksas to Buddhism but also succeeded in getting the Naga clan King Maniakkhika of Kelaniya, who came to Mahiyangana to meet the Buddha, to embrace Buddhism. It is after this visit that a Stupa with some hair of the Buddha was enshrined. This Stupa, after the Parinibbana or passing away of the Buddha was transformed to be the Mahiyangana Cetiya after a collar bone of the Buddha was enshrined in it.
Second Visit
The second visit was in the fifth year of Buddhahood (5 B.E. or 523 B.C.). The Buddha on seeing an imminent war between two Naga Kings, over a Jeweled Throne, visited Nagadipa (Jaffna), settled the dispute and handed over the custody of the Jeweled Throne to Naga King Maniakkika of Kelaniya.
Third Visit
The Buddha visited Sri Lanka for the third time (His Last time) at the invitation of King Maniakkhika, first arriving in Kelaniya, in 9 B.E. (519/520 B.C.) with 500 of his followers.
It was on this third visit that the Buddha placed an imprint of his left foot on top of Samanala Kanda (Adams Peak).

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